Trouble Testo

Testo Trouble

Though I been thinking about it, I live with the idea
the way we where would last forever
yeah it all seemed pretty clear.
but when the foundations shook
and the cracks started to appear
Saw the light in each others eyes
as the whole world disappeared.

Chorus 1

My history has come and gone
I'll drive late at night
the only car on empty streets
no welcome sun in sight

Chorus 2

If its trouble that you're looking for,
its trouble that you'll find.
Sometimes trouble finds you no matter where you hide

We got back from the party on a comedown for a week
Where we out there making history? Or was it just a lack of sleep?
It seemed like we were waiting in the wings to take our bow...
The outsiders are whispering this is our moment now.

Chorus 1 (2)

My history has come and gone
sometimes I think I see
Your face in the rear view mirror, yeah,
looking back at me

Chorus 2 x2

It was important to us
to do more than just survive
surviving sometimes took up too much of our time

Chorus 2
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