Let The Rhythm Hit Em Testo

Testo Let The Rhythm Hit Em

Let the rhythm hit 'emI'm the arsenalI got artillery, lyrics of ammoRounds of rhythmThen I'm 'a give 'em pianoBring a bullet-proof vestNothin' to ricochetready to aim at the brain~Now what the trigger sayTempos triflin'Felt like a rifleMassage 'n' melodiesMight go right throughSimultaneously like an UziNothin' can bruise meLyrics let up when lady say don't lose meSo re-load quicklyAnd you better hit meWhile I'm lettin' this fifi get wit meYou steppin' with .007Better make it snappyNo time to do your hair, babyBrothers are bustin' at meBeats and bullets pass meNone on targetThey want the R hitBut wtch the god getQuicker, the tongue is the trigger'Cause I'm real fastLet off some rhythm at 'emLet 'em feel the blastPenetrate at a crazy rateThis ain't no .38Hit 'em at point blank rangeAnd watch 'em radiateRunnin' out of ammunitionI'm done wit' emYou ask me how I did 'emI let the rhythm hit 'emI push a power that's punishableBetter be a prisonerThe hit man is theBrother wit' charismaShowing you that I havePowerful paragraphsFollowers will become leadersBut without a pathYa mentally paralyzedCrippled ya third eyeRhymes are blurredThen it occurred htat you heard IReduced the friction with crucifixionLet loose the mix thenBoost the pistonEric hit 'em with' some of thatCut like a lumberjackAnd me gettin' hit backIt won't be none of thatI'm untouchableYou see me in 3-DWhen I let the rhythm hit another M.C.Lyrics made of leadEnters your headThen eruptions of a mass productionWill spread whenMusic is louderFull of gunpowerMicrophone machineryWhen I see a crowd ofParty people pumpin'Their fist like thisYa hide in the backThinkin' that I might missBut the R is accuratePlus I'm packed up withEducated punch lines thatI have to hitWhatever I aim atI line 'em upYa body is weak, feel with painThat time is upYou been hit with somethin'Different, isn't it?Rakim is gonna radiate and nothing's equivalentNothin' can harm meWhy try to bar meYou couldn't come around to rob with a armyYou'll get wrecked by the architectSo respect 'emI disconnect 'em, soon as I inject 'emWith radiationPut 'em by the basementBust his chest openBash his face inLet it split 'imSince he brought his main man wit' 'imHe ask me how I did 'imI let the rhythm hit 'imLet it hit 'imDance floor's dangerousPacked in like a briefcaseRhyth with ral rough rhymeBeats with deep bassGirls with tight pantsMaybe they might danceTonight if the Rs on the mikeThere's a slight chanceThe crowd is crucialM.C.'s grounds are neutralNow that you're here let me introduce youGet readyI'm hard read like graffiti but steadyScience I drop is real heavyRadiant energy, that'll be the penaltyTouch the third rail on the pain of remedyThe prescription's one every hourNow it's a havocIf ya need another hit from the freestyle fanaticAttention: follow directions real closeKeep out of reach of childrenBeware of overdoseToo many milligramBut what made a iller jamMy rhyme is the rhythm of thoughtsThat kill a manI deas for the ear to fearMight split 'imHe'll never forget 'imHe'll rest in peace wit' 'emAt least when he left he'll know what hit 'imThe last breath of the words of deathWas the rhythmNow throw you hands in the air and yo, goRakim will do the rest of this slowIf I speed they know you'll blow the hell upIf I slow up, catch up, hell noWicked as I kecked itDon't need to remix it'Cause I prefixed itReversed and switched itTo perform to perfectionSection for sectionRhymes keep connectin'Ya guessin' what's next an'Blood pressure rise as ya damn near lost itYa hit the ground burnin' and woke up frostbitten'Cause when I explained ya can't complain for painTravel through the brain hit a veinThen remain, let it radiateVibes will vibrateWhy did you violateNow I'm 'a have to let the style brakMoans now the tone is ingrownAfter this here's thrown, gimme another microphoneBefore I get that fifi I metWhisper I wanna reach your intellectKiss her 'cause I wanna give her the most respectSo I shine and let the write reflectHold 'er, mold 'er, make 'er feel olderLay her on my shoulderEEverything I told herMakes her feel secure whenever I'm wit' 'erAnd you know how I did 'erMe and the rhythm hit 'er

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