No Competition Testo

Testo No Competition

No competition...No competition...Competition is none, I remain at the top like the sunAnd I burn whoever come in the chambers of tortureI caught ya, you shoulda brought yaNeighborhood to support yaNo one in my path will withstandUnder pressure the wrath of a swift manYou name the day, the grounds to be neutralSpeak your piece, the feeling's mutualWe can go topic from topic whenever I drop itTry to stop itIn other words, what the brother heardHe tried to catch it, but what occurredWas too much weight for one brain to takeTry to concentrate maintain then elevateProgram an ounce from pound to poundThe matter of weight can't hold my mind downPermanent damage, I do away withNo time for fun, cause I don't play withCompetitors, there's only one when I'm doneCompetition is none...No competition...Competition is none, I'm the soul survivorMC's get live but I get liverIt ain't a Memorex, live in concertAt every network, the R the expertWhoever goes against causes frictionIntroduction music where's the mixingRa will never die, tools they never tryTo beat or defeat me, because whenever IPut poetry in motionFrom the Nile, then out into the oceanThree-fourths of water makes seven seasA third of land three-sixty degreesI circulate and remain to rotateSeven days a week at a quake or a slow rateBe prepared whenever I comeCompetition is none...It's no competition...Creator, the alphabets let's communicateWhen I translate the situation's straightNo dictionary's necessary to useBig words do nothing but confuse and loseFrom the first step, a concept was keptTo the end of the rhyme, it get more in-depthAll thoughts I come across, my mind's the sourceMade by the R, of courseSeven holes in my face as I'm lookin out my windowSpeak with the beat and it seem like the wind blowsThrough the speakers, I hear it so pump thisAnd we can fill up the whole circumfrenceWith competition, on an impossible missionComin up with nothin, keep fishinNo runner up, just lost or forfeitsThey all get butterflies, soon as the dog getsUnlocked, lines for blocks and blocksMight be triflin, to call the copsBring along paramedicsBut that won't help you, not even calistheticsI'm God, G is the seventh letter madeRainin on rappers, there's no paradeSo if you ain't wise, then don't even comeCompetition for this inter mixin is none...It's, no competition...Competition is none

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