When I Be On The Mic Testo

Testo When I Be On The Mic

[DJ Premier scratches hook](Hardcore...real ill niggas)(I'm internationally known)(When I be on the mic)(Hardcore...real ill niggas)(I'm internationally known, yo)(Hardcore...real ill niggas)(I'm internationally known)(When I be on the mic)(Hardcore...real ill niggas)(So all hail the honorable)It's to my real ill niggas, heavyweight hittersDough getters, fifty ways to make figuresMy niggas, that come on the spot to feel sistersLike they hear real spitters and kids on the zigga-ziggasWhen it's ugly, then the club is lovelyThugs be sipping Henessey and bubblyTo my comrades that keep it flaming hotOn dangerous blocks, claiming spotsWhere the goal is to be one of the top-ranked soldiersForty-five holders, one of the high rollersGet respect in the hood, credit is goodKnock it down lumberjack style, baby, extra woodRock it all night long, the bang-a-thon babyKeep hanging on, we like it with the lights onDon't have to blow twenty thou' to get to know honey's styleShow her the town, steal her heart, no money down(Hook)How about some hardcore, yeah we like it raw for sureBroads on the floor, wall to wallThere's more at the door, players ball to score'Cause this right here is for all of y'allRakim and Primo, yo I got what you need broYou go see a show, smoke an L, mean yoAnd deejays play hits with hard bass kicksAnd then they display tricks like The MatrixMake the record fly undetected by the naked eyeSo just feel the vibe 'cause your ears never lieNowadays deejays bags of tricks, graphicOn some behind the back shit, catch it and scratch itClassic, this kid got his craft masteredHands is mad quick like he mix with magicSpin it back and forth and grab it, and know just where it is...There it is(Hook)To my elite peeps with the murderous mystiquesI hit the streets with beats and they critique for weeksThey be like "How that kid Ra reach the peak?"Pull out the heat and use my technique to speakIt's dangerous, sit calm and explain to kidsWhat part of the game this is and foreign languagesThey hold Ra's events in different continentsPut my lyrical contents in monumentsIn ghetto garments, I rock a towel like a pharaohMind travel, design style like apparelMy fashions last long as a lifetimeCause I can see the future when the god write rhymesThey're mad cause I managed to reign so longLike their chance to make money done came and goneThis is strictly for my listeners on the corners at nightAnd the sisters that be keeping this right, when I be on the mic(Hook)

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