Women Of Japan Testo

Testo Women Of Japan

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Lying in the corner of a room with a stick in my hand, I'm pointing my stick at a far away land, My stick it has no leaves it grieves me to say, I'm gonna find a new stick then I'll be, I'll be on my way

I want to row you across the ocean so blue
Till we find the man who kissed all the women in Japan

Old women with no face trying to call out my name, Screaming she's just been stabbed by a Chartered accountant from Spain
Would you like to dance with me she whispers from three miles away
We could dance the tango then I'll be, Oh I will be on my way

I want to row you across the ocean so blue until we find the man
Who drowned all the children in Iran
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