Old Days Testo

Testo Old Days

(feat. CMT, E-A-Ski)

In the old days everything was all cool
I never did have to worry about a fool
matter of fact it was something like heaven
and coming up it was already in my rap stance
therefore I didn't trip on life at all
wasn't ever knowing my mom was playing ball
had to fall with the kids around the block
raggin' on my pops or playin' cops
all of this was part of my growing age
never could cut patches in older days
running through a store beggin' for everything
and only coming out licking on candy rings
I never thought it would all pass me by
but now I know how it feels when time fly
so here I am checking out my old ways
laid back reminiscing up on the old days

Yeah ral I know what you're talking about man
we was just young kids back in the days, growing up in the hood
it was kind of cool back then but now we can't even chill no more

Yo, through the years I came up
I realize people all around me didn't care much
for a life it self, for the people
and all the time I hear equal
in the old days a new community
you know a bomb between her, you and me
brothers went up to the park to shoot come hoops
and now a days at the park they shooting you
I don't know but its all a rage and man
right now all my old days are fading away
no one really give a damn about the next
and if so then my mom would be at rest
but here I am with my pen to the notepad
trying to tell you how it was back in the past
everyone had help and a hand to lend
but now we are all wrapped up in the same trend
go for self, always care less
if the brother behind you fall on his chest
we go against all of our old ways
but it wasn't like that back in the old days

yeah ral I know what you're talking about man
It was kind of cool back then in the old days you know what im saying
how we used to play ball in the streets
go to the basketball courts shoot hoops at Calson High
man it was real tight back then but now
brothers don't know how to act now days
they wanna do all these drive by's
jackin' fools for cars, yo it ain't cool no more

the days of all the ways go back so damn far
that I would have written a novel rap
to explain everything I cam across
in the days I now consider lost
In time with the rest of history
but what the hell that's the way it was mean't to be
things that come very well will always change
many rap albums never gon' stay the same
old days had a lot of disasters
but I can recapture the moments of laughter
hang and game and no clownin' around
strollin' the town promoting hip hop sounds
all of this played a major roll as I came up
next to this was cute girls and a haircut
like I said im checking out my old ways
laid back reminiscing up on the old days

yeah ral, I know what you're talking about
I can recall when the young ladies used to have a lil natural look
you know what im saying, it used to be cool back in the day
you know what im talking about C?

Yeah I know what you're talking about?
man back in the days women grew they own nails
now days they useing that curly press on crap man
ha that's weak, I'd take the old days any day
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