Christmas In Cape Town Testo

Testo Christmas In Cape Town

Christmas In CapetownEvery nightIn JungletownAll the boogies in the streetRadios turned up very loudPlayin' Dancing QueenThey love our musicThis English girl from the North somewhereIs stayin' with me at my placeDrinkin' up all my beerTalkin' about teh poor niggers all the timeIt's a real disgrace, she saysI tell her, Darling, don't talk about thingsyou don't understandI tell her, Darling, don't talk about somethingyou don't know anything aboutI tell her, Darling, if you don't like it herego back to your own miserable countryIt's Christmas in Cape Town but it ain't the sameOh, the boys on the beach are still blowin'And the summer wind still kicks the clouds aroundYou know my little brother, babeWell, he works out at the diamond mineI drove him out there at five this mornin'The niggers were waitin' in a big long lineYou know those big old lunch pails they carry, manWith a picture of Star Wars painted on the sideThey were starin' at us real hard withtheir big ugly yellow eyesYou could feel itYou could feel itIt's Christmas in Cape Town but it ain't the sameThe stores are open all the timeAnd little kids on skateboards cut in and out of the crowdAnd the Christmas lights still shineMyself, I don't like to drink the wayI used to, man, you knowIt don't seem to get me highAnd the beer don't taste the way itought to taste somehowAnd I don't know whyDon't talk to me about the planesMan, I've heard itJust take a look aroundWhat are we gonna do, blow upthe whole damn country?It's Christmas in Cape TownIt's Christmas in Cape TownIt's Christmas in Cape Town--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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