I Want Everyone To Like Me Testo

Testo I Want Everyone To Like Me

I want everyone to like me
I want everyone to like me real bad
I want everyone to approve of me
'Cause when they disapprove of me it makes me feel so sad

I want to earn the respect of my peers
If it takes a hundred years
I'd like to find out where they are, by the way,
For I would run to embrace them
I'm only kidding
I'm really very modest once you get to know me

A house, a little land
Maybe someone to lend a helping hand
A little money set aside
Ah, then I would be satisfied

I want someone to tell me one time
"Honey, you don't look well.
Why don't you lie down for a couple of years
I'll look after things." Yeah.
A grown up woman would be nice
I'd like to flip her over once or twice
Find out what makes her tick

Some friends to call my own, God knows,
A family and a home
A couple kiddies at my side
To keep me fat and satisfied
I want everyone to like me
That's one thing
I know for sure
I want everyone to like me
'Cause I'm a little insecure
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