Shining Testo

Testo Shining

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Y'all should have seen me
When I was sixteen years old
Had my hair hangin' free down my back
It used to shine in the sun like gold.

Went eight years of grade school
Four years of high school
I was never sick one day
And the kids that were with you in the first grade
Were with you all the way

We'd go over to Augusta for a ball game
We'd all go down to Daytona for the race
We'd go over to the drive-in every Friday
Shining in the sun like gold

Some cold winter morning, outside the school
And the bell hadn't rung just yet
We stand outside the gate, smoke a cigarette
Brushin' the snow off our clothes, and lean against the wall

And there wasn't no baby cryin'
And there wasn't no laundry waitin' for me on the line
If I didn't want to be alone, I didn't have to be alone
All I had to do was shine

Lord there must be something better
Lord it just don't seem right
To cook the same breakfast for the same man every morning
Sleep with the same man every night
For the rest of my life
For the rest of my life
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