Welcome To My Hell Testo

Testo Welcome To My Hell

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Good morning mama
you know I'm going down this big road by my self
good morning brother
oh I can't wait to go to the place of the damned
Ain't got no tears
no things to blame
the only time I trusted in someone, baby
'T was a shame so
good morning mama
take me down to hell now

good morning sister
don't you worry when that snake's head screams
your name

good morning mother
feeling sorry for ourselves won't ease the pain
I felt so weird not seeing your glance
and all I gotta do with someone like you is start my

good morning mama
take me down to hell now
take me down to hell now

good morning devils
you're not so bad there's someone worse than you
don't mean no devils
but men who won't fight for what they can't prove
I'm glad of being here I broke my chains
and suddenly a conscious statement seem to feed
my veins

good morning mama
take me down to hell now
take me down to hell now
take me down to hell now

and we will fall down
with tears
It'll hurt so
then we'll touch the ground and diggin' we'll find
our skies of blue
good morning mama
I raised myself to the highest point of the world

good morning father
no evil around and nothing that can hurt
I ain't got no tears, no dreams to dare
and what I thought was a paradise is a real hell
good morning mama take to my hell

ooh babe please now
I don't want you to stay down on your knees now
don't beg your pardon don't lay down
take my hell now
take my hell now
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