Face To Face Testo

Testo Face To Face

Boy don't be a mystery
Cause I'd like to see
How it'd be getting to know you
Curiously watching you
Knowing you're watching me
Looks like you're good to get close to
Don't know how it gets to me when I see you
Think how good it could be I don't wanna keep you (keep you)
Just wanna get face to face

Hand in hand, chest to chest
Hold me round my waist
Can you make me lose my breath
Like we're running away
Keep it going til' there's no one, nothing left in the place
What you gotta do is just pursue it
Let's get face to face

I wanna get close to you
Why can't I approach you
Cause I feel that it just wouldn't be right
Holler like you're supposed to
I know you want me don't you
Can't keep wonderin' what it would be like
A flame on a lighter (hot like fire)
A track to a writer (all that I desire)
Just wanna be face to face

Know let me break it down (down)
Know we're gonna break it on down (we're gonna break it on down)
Gotta come a little closer
Let me show ya
This how it's gonna get down (how it's gonna get down)
Gotta hold me by my waist
Bounce, step, put a dip in the pace
Gotta go right to left, up and back
Do it this way face to face

[Chorus 2x]

Up in this party
You're across from me
And the dance floor is there in between us
You're stallin'
Music's callin
Will you answer please
And save this dance for me
Let's dance face to face

[Chorus 3x]
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