Here's To New Dreams Testo

Testo Here's To New Dreams

Yesterday pushes me, tommorow calls my name to a brand new place (palce, place) where I long to be
My imagination's running, from the corners of my mind
If I reach out my hand, will I touch the sky?

Boy, I won't know if I don't try

Here's to new dreams
And the places I dare to see
And the people that I get to know
Tell me where will my dreams lead me

Early in my life
I had some dreams come true
But i'm growing up (up)...
And so are my dreams too (so are my dreams too)
So I ask myself these questions, is living a dream big fun?
I say yes it is (oh)
Because my life has just begun

What is life without a dream?

Dreams can take you to a place
Where flowers bloom far as the I-can-see
Dreams can take you to a place
Where people live color-free
Dreams can take you to a place where I can love you and you can love me
Here's to your new dreams, lets sing

What is life without a dream?
Listen to OUR voices sing

(Here's to new dreams)
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