That's So Raven Testo

Testo That's So Raven

Thats so Raven [future] Thats so Raven [future] Thats so Raven [future] Thats so Raven [lets go] [Raven] If you could gaze into the future Your mind and life would be a breez [life is a breez] See the trouble from a distance But its not that easy [oh no] I try to save the situation Then i end up misbeheaving [oh oh oh] [Orlando] Hey now say now bout to put it down Come on and take a ride with Ra now And the future looks great now and eveythings gonna change now [lets rock] [Raven] [lets go] yeah [go Ra] [lets go] Thats so Raven its the future i can see Thats so Raven so mysterious to me [Repeat out]

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