What Is Love Testo

Testo What Is Love

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
It's the way you're nervous when you speak
and the way I know just what you mean
it's the kind of thing that's bittersweet

it's a funny feeling deep inside
so many different sides
but still so easy to define

cause you'll know it every time
and its not just in your mind
you can feel the butterflies
sending chills down your spine

what is love
but a kiss on a rainy day
a smile that won't go away
a safe place to run

what is love
but a complicated simple truth
a bond between me and you
the number one
oh that's love

and the things that never cross your mind
now you're doing all of the time
cause with someone special it's so right

it's like dancing when you walk
and singing when you talk
and you're happy just to be alive

live in the moment don't pretend
let it go or take it in
you don't have to understand
the how why and whens


so take off your hat and stay for a minute
love is a precious thing
if you let it in
you'll never know what you'll find till you give it some time
some time

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