It's Alright (Uptempo Version) Testo

Testo It's Alright (Uptempo Version)

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
But we didn't care. We were on the road. Robert and Grenville gave us
some money to buy a second-hand door mobil, a little van. And we
put our little bits of equipment in the back and started driving around
the north circular. And then Robert got us some gigs in the north.
We drove up to Manchester, Birmingham, all over the country at tiny
little clubs. Our records hadn't been hits, but we were enjoying the
groovy scene, man. And it was on these tours that we picked up lots
of fans, lots of young fans. And it was Through our appearance on
Ready Steady Go, with one of our failed singles, that they started to
recognize us. And that's when we first encountered the phenomenon
known as groupies.
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