Working Man's Café Testo

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Testo Working Man's Café

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Looking for the working man's café In the shopping centre of the town Looking for somewhere to fit in In among the retail outlets Bought a pair of new designer pants Where the fruit and veg man used to stand I always used to see him there Selling old apples and pears Chatting up the pretty girls With knocked off goods in the van Don't you know he was a working man Long ago he was a working man And we sat in the working man's café The working man's café Everything around me seems unreal Everywhere I go it looks and feels like America We've really come a long way down this road Improving our surroundings as we go Changing our roots and culture But don't you know Long ago there was a working man Don't you know we were all working men And we'd sit and pass the time of day At the working man's café I thought I knew you then but will I know you now? There's gotta be a place for us to meet I'll call you when I've found it I only hope that life has made us a little more grounded Hey man, I see you now. Oh oh, we were all working men And here we are at the working man's café It's really good to see us come so far But haven't we forgotten who we are Taking out a larger loan Equity relief and mortgages We all seem to pass the time of day Online at the internet café And if you forget my face In case you've forgotten just who I am I'm the kid with the greasy spoon Firmly held in my hand Don't you know I was a working man Long ago we were all working men And we sat and spent the time of day At the working man's café Yeah, at the working man's café

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