Keep Winning Testo

Testo Keep Winning

They don't give a damn about you
Kick you in the face when you down
So many people doubt of me
When I'm on top looking without
Love deadly in the street
Bought somebody [?] I thought with my friend
All I really know is that I ain't never gonna stop
Home boy I'm a [?]

As I walk to the valley int eh shadow with death
I fear no evil in my balley I step
I'll be the best cap still the most hated
Seven deals later the most celebrated
Been through it all
Knew I could do it all
We in the world a weak [?] we through fall
Higher up seeking the credit for what I does
But every day I'm ringing the bell they feel the buzz
I'm a beast putting numbers on the [?]
I'm a keep winning this is what I [?]
Look mama you made you a boss
Me against the world twice I never lost
Four cord pressure still get the bucket
In the hood I'm good making gotta love it
And when the boys come out saying anything
I'm a keep winning bet money bet anything

Hey I've been the main to that number one
I ain't' never gonna stop
Said I couldn't make it so I had to take it
Drop [?]
I'm a keep winning my [?] Wanna see they make it
Didn't think I [?] my home
You can keep on 'cause I ain't gonna stop
Home boy I'm a keep winning

Dirty rare from the Brooklyn pg
To the west coast flying in pg's
Miami beach [?] On DJ
Still keep ti thought up and make it look easy
Never been the twitter oh bullshitter
I'm a go get it in a Apolo sweater
Step at ym of [?] In the hood like mix with [?]
Everybody see I couldn't see what I do
Funny now they try to do what I do
I'm a pioneer seek my name [?]
With the vaulters too my chest [?]
Kicking down doors convix [?]
Even giving mine or I'm a take yours
Drinking up a bottle I'm a keep balling like I just want a [?]

What kind of [?] Would I be
[?] but I'm trying make a [?] in my life
In my life a sacrifice I'm a do without [?]
I ain't never gonna stop
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