Let It Go Testo

Testo Let It Go

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[feat. Diddy]

Light skin bro fuck her in the car
Gave them my word told them put it in a bra
Next week this time she is killing the mall
Tell your ex nigger
I am show, I am a bomb, I am a dope boy
[?] and been a bad boy just like [?] fresh like I drive queen a whole wardrobe
My team doing no shits but the barcodes I don't chase money
Don't ever chase bitches I just chase liquor [?] all liquor
In my city I am a gorilla I got that uncut

I am a dope boy
[?] I am looking like a dope boy in my Jordans let it go
Let it go [x4]

Last time you see me I was in that blue thing
With a supermodel now I am in that mood thing
With a new model and I made her pump to gas took her off the Harlem
Then I pump that ass I remember
I was counting to 5 hundred millions around the same time
Weezy recorded a milly one for the money two for the money
Number real bitch that's all about the money
Sorry ass niggers out here looking funny in my own space out kick
Hold the fuck up, R.I.P.
Honey we are still stuntin on 'em
We got the hood going down

I am a dope boy
[?] I am looking like a dope boy in my Jordans let it go
Let it go [x4]
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