So Easy (Remix) Testo

Testo So Easy (Remix)

What else! It's R! Huh!

[Verse 1:]
Say hello to the prince, money up on the drop on the brinks
Gucci endorsed, colors on the links
Orange, white and damn it even pink
Y'all think, I wouldn't need to ball
I wasn't gonna ball this year all star
Dipped in the best, double R Phantom
All black affair except we like the Mannings
That's moves, can't lose, cash rules
What's good you cowards is soft cat food (What else?)
You fools lost damn you
Wasn't in shape, didn't have a handle
The plaques on the wall next to the plasma
I be the "Baker" they caught in the "Rapture"
Dope dope boy never ever been a rapper
But I put them things together no plaster (Wha-lah!)
More paper than the Mizell room
I'm a have these haters sick lookin pale soon
Been a drought 'bout two years strong
Nobody got it your boy is still long
It's still movin ahhh it's still movin
Smokey, Robinson I'm still "Cruisin"
In the new V, yeah who he?
Ah oooh wee I'm rich from Pookie

And I do it so easy, I make it look so easy
And I do it so easy, I make it look so easy

[Verse 2:]
I could earl on a beat
Slick talk a chick, put your girl in the street
Make her work for free, in turn for a G
Listen closely, you could learn from a G
Ball hard like the Boston Celtics
They gon' celebrate me when I'm gone like Elvis
I stack money in blocks like Tetris
Bubble like the '93 Lexus
Huh, I own stocks in serious, I'm serious
So "Raw", I'm Eddie Murphy "Delirious"
Bad Boy, like whatever P. Diddy is
I must say, I'm quite good at this, period
Jay Hov' said he might buy Koch
Smart move, now he could get with the Co-Op (that's me)
Now you could get the raw, the coke rock
Westside highway, be where the boat dock

And I do it so easy, I make it look so easy
And I do it so easy, I make it look so easy

Transitional power, New Years Day!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Shakedown
'09, it's a new year, it's a new day
Believe dat... damn!
Damn! Huh!
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