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Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
All over Shanghai market Put up the, holding wood All the way No one is quite so different People who, Understood Enemy The king and queen were sleeping Industry, Ecstasy Sympathy Sympathy I walk the road today Across the valley and I won't stay I will miss this Land and this promise I'm streaming next to you I won't believe it, Is it really true? When they say you should Kill for your country Kill for your country I've got three kids to feed Fine woman and a need to speak Far away from this Land and its promise I want to talk to you I need a peace that I wish I knew Time to leave and go Kill for my country Aah...Kill for your country Hold me down now, hold your fire Not now folk that we inspire Turn around and hold your fire Shake 'em all off, Make-belief Control the line, just let me be We're all just make-believe Hold a child, meet the man Bring 'em all on to the grave Barbershop and a close shave Seen the goons, now, seen my chances Running, from our enemy still We are soldiers, we ain't dying yet Run 'em down, run 'em down Hold your fire, Hold your fire Run 'em down, run 'em down Hold your fire, Hold your fire This is my message to you This is a tale of the tomb Run 'em down, run 'em down Hold your fire, Hold your fire Run 'em down, Run 'em down Hold your fire, Hold your fire Why can't we make it alone Shake off the smooch on the phone

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