Straight Jacket Testo

Testo Straight Jacket

All the pieces of the puzzle are aligned now
In a straight jacket and I'm trying to find my way out
I don't know what I'm gonna be told
But I'm trying to make it out and I'm know I'm gonna be golden...
I don't know one sane
I guess it's better this way
Oh, ya, tried and out of time
Oh Lord I should run out of time
Oh ya tried and out time
Oh Lord I've tried and I'm out of time
And the world seems quite a large distance away
Wish the window wasn't there cause it makes my mind play
I don't know what I was gonna be told
But I'm trying to make it out and I know I'm gonna be golden
To think of your grace puts a smile on my face
Did you come to stay or did you come to go away?
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