Tonight Testo

Testo Tonight

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Just trying to stick around
I'm trying to figure out this town
I've got my bags packed tonight
Do you feel like leaving again sometime?
Do we want to be stuck around with a feeling inside?
That won't seem to let us go?
If I go alone, bless my dear home
Tonight was meant for, tonight was meant, ya...
See yourself in the mirror now
Now it don't seem right to look about inside
Look a bad gift right in the mouth
Or something like, like that tonight
Got my bags packed and everything's right
Don't want to forget something except that feeling inside
Just won't go away, no it won't just go away
And I go alone
Bless my dear home
Tonight was meant for, tonight was meant, ya...
Our thoughts and mine we join
A wishing well, we'd toss one coin
Oh who'd know, we'd drawn inside
Oh who'd know, who'd crossed the line
Oh who knows whose would win each time
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