Meet Frankenstein Testo

Testo Meet Frankenstein

Make it new
You have way too much to do
Get a plan and see it through
You've got nowhere else to go
and your efforts, they show that there's a lack
So don't look back
Make it fresh cause it's a fact
Confuse the future from the past
and you'll contribute to the trash too abundant for this planet to erase
So stop that jive talking, slow walking
Something's gotta change even though you are
different and far from what you used to be
It's not the end
Hey Frankenstein, don't lose your head
Solve this puzzle, now begin
Throw them down and once again the pieces will somehow fall in place
look at the drab purist, mind tourist
The latter welcomes change
Remodel the star
The one you know you are
Not what you used to be
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