My Sweetheart Testo

Testo My Sweetheart

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You can call it a failure
with me and with you
'cause we couldn't work it out
but we'll work it through
to carry this burden
is just something we'll do
'cause if you can't find the magic
head for the door
'cause it could be more tragic
to live in this war
it's best to surrender
than to hurt anymore
my sweetheart
hang on to me
just like a melody
not so easily
don't look back to see
all that has happened here
though not so clear
don't cry, my dear
just wasn't meant to be
maybe next christmas
we'll both be at home
we'll mail all the presents
and call on the phone
we'll meet in the middle
of hello and good-bye
my sweetheart
we all have our mysteries
and things that don't last
that blanket our future
uncover our past
and answer the questions
we don't want to ask
like was this right from the start
my sweetheart
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