Summer Turns To High Testo

Testo Summer Turns To High

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

Mercury is rising still
Turn the fan on high
I won't step on my own shadow
No one wants to cry

Someone put a pox on me
I'll spit in their eye

Summer turns to high

With my bedsheet cape and sandals
Circle citronella candles
Summer's here, the light is raising
Hopes and dragonflies

If those hopes are overshadowed,
Cotton candy, caramel apple

Summer turns to high
Summer turns to high
Summer turns to high,
Summer high

After wine and nectarines
The fireflies in time
Move like syrup through the evening
With a sweet resign

I won't pine for what could have been-
I'm preoccupied!

(repeat chorus)
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