Planetarium Testo

Testo Planetarium

From the air, here they all appear
Nine spheres in silhouette
quietly pirouette
Dusty chairs
cobwebs in the air
Saturn and Mars have got
eight-legged astronauts

Pass him by, flying single file
Hung-over, as is he
so astronomically
On he goes, aching head-to-toe
Monkey Gland and Moscow Mule
tasty and good for you


He spies a fly, me oh me oh my
Buzz like a pocket-fan
real-tiny rocket man
Woe is he, how he'd rather be
shirtless in Sicily
reclining prettily

Stops and stays by the moon display
Blown up to actual size:
Neil and the other guy
Chikirí and kalílölölö
they always looked their best
a little overdressed

You know he has no faith in
Cabernet, roses and bouquets
Somehow he finds it all
too horticultural
But here he feels urbane and genteel
handsome and six feet tall
built like a wrecking ball

Rusty lines overhead make fine
Showering down debris
earthbound trajectory
By and by, behind the Gemini
struck by a meteor
chikirí and kalílö

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