Existence Is Futile Testo

Testo Existence Is Futile

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Chaotic dystopia
A nucleus malign.
Blasting waves of discord,
warping bounds of space and time.

Seething, grasping primal leech
seeping throughout existence,
Saps universal energy
to fuel maelstrom synthesis.
Hallucinogenic realm of deafening cacophony.
Writhing, shapeless, fearsome, fell: a permanent apocalypse,
Beyond endless wastes, infinite vacant spaces must be crossed.
Resurrect in territory of eternal holocaust.
Unable to comprehend the nothingness,
As I rise into the unspeakable void.
Absorbed, digested by the chaos room.
[?] self importance.
Recognize your pitiful state.
All life meaningless and empty -
Wretched cycle, no escape.
Struggling yet gaining nothing.
As celestial pyres burn.
Existence is futile
And to nothingness we shall return.
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