Re-animaniac Testo

Testo Re-animaniac

Brick by brick the damned dismantle.
Their ancient tomb of imprisonment,
And stride into the waning midnight.
Lusting for blood and dismemberment.
Deranged and driven,
A misguided doctor conducts experiments:
by injecting foul serums.

The Doctor is insane -
Reanimate the dead -
Injection to the brain -
And now it's time to shred.
Trained and adept in scalpel and tools,
Creating hordes of obedient ghouls.
With a simple incision.
Of inhuman precision,
He slashes all ties with the self.
The results are hideous,
Monsters guilty of cannibal crimes.
No corpse fresh enough
To prevent precious brains cells from expiring.
In a grisly accident.
A decapitated madman is reanimated.
A ripping shrapnel blast.
And a vicious ghoul is re-created.
Headless, yet living.

Beware the wayward surgeon.
Slicing with dexterous hands,
Inducing catatonia.
To make minions under his command.
Raising an army from corpses and bones.
Writhing and ravenous.
Undead legion, reeking of rot,
Death-march rattles on.
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