2000 A.d. Testo

Testo 2000 A.d.

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[Verse 1:]
I wanted to see
If 2000 A.D.
Was ever in place
For someone like me
I look at the future
For a paperback culture
I think there was more
In 1964

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no
Oh no, Oh no, Oh no

[Verse 2:]
It's easy to see
That 2000 A.D.
Will never appear
A reality
It's a slap in the face
For the human race
Just to survive
To be eaten alive

Oh no etc.


[Verse 3:]
2000 A.D. (2000 A.D.)
I'm happy to be (I'm happy to be)
Where everything's new (Where everything's new)
And nothing is free (And nothing is free)
I live in the future
With the paperback culture
I came through the door
From 1964

Oh no etc.