Land Of Immortals (Remix) Testo

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Testo Land Of Immortals (Remix)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hear the silence of the winds making your own destiny go and face the mirror of their sin Only brave hearts found the way breaking all the dragon's spell cross the Argon's glade with heart in hand [Chorus] Land of immortals I wait for my days to reach the wisdom of your skies Land of immortals you must belong tome from here to eternity And between Elgard's hills near the ancient ruins of Kron you will face the trick of the old dwarf To obtain the second key you have to cross the bloody sea where the thirst oh Tharos never ends [Chorus] Holy force of wisdom spread through all the air I shall breathe you forever to end this epic holy quest My way will be hard but I would do all to reach the valleys where true heroes ride beyond the ivory gates [Chorus]

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