Runaway Testo

Testo Runaway

She got Momma's words of wisdom running around in her head,
Mixed with brothers don't be loving or it's trouble,
Free to roam but she can't fly,
Cos the one she wants ain't the one in everyone else's eyes.

She gotta runaway,
She gotta runaway.

He got a heart of gold but he gotta get out,
Just one more hussle to get the ticket,
So don't you worry about it baby its gonna be alright.

You're gonna runaway,
With everything she owns,
Creeping out the window.
I'm gonna miss ya.
Shh, don't you say a word.

I gotta runaway.

Meanwhile while he shouts put the cash in the bag,
I don't want no drama,
He didn't mean to hurt nobody,
Just wanted to get away.

Yeh I know you know how the story goes,
But the tears are still streaming,
Mamma's wisdoms always right.
That sometimes, sometimes...

We gotta runaway (we got to run away) You've got to run away
I've got to run a run away.
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