Throw Some D's (Remix) Testo

Testo Throw Some D's (Remix)

(feat. Lil' Jon,Andre 3000,Jim Jones,Nelly,Murphy Lee,...)


"I used to think about immature things
You know like
Do you love me, Do you want me
Are you gunna call me like you said you would
Is this really your phone number"


[Andre 300:]
Aint a hood nigga but a nigga from the hood
See mama stayed on me so I turned out pretty good
But if u wanna try sucka now we can do it
ha ha; sleep tylenol pm if I pull it
Sh sh sheep; count em' for the rest of your life
Ye yeah ya partna got away but now he vegetable-like
So so I sent his mom and dad a whole case of V8
He could die any second how much longer its gon' take
Gon' get it over with oh what if u were in my lovers den
U might be the dope and I would flush it down the toilet
Like the boys in blue when they come threw with them boots
And they kickin' down the doe' and they don't care who they shoot
But we do care who they shoot so we do what we must do
So we act like we run track then we run straight to the back
But they comin' from the back so we run back to the front
They say get down on ya knees we say what the fuck u want
They want cheese, they want bread, they want doe, they want moe
Than I wanna give em' but if I keep talkin they won't know
That my cousin in the back and we call him rolla ruetta
Slash plumber, cash runner and he fly on the computer LOG OUT...

(backwords remix)
hoe sooga wann jack ish tight no slack just bought a Cadillac
(Throw some D's on that bitch)
just bought a Cadillac
(Throw some Throw some D's on that bitch)
Just bought a Cadillac
(Throw Throw some)
Rich Boy sellin crack dope niggas wanna jack shit tight no slack
Just bought a Cadillac (Throw Throw some D's on that bitch)
Just bought a Cadillac (Throw Throw some D's on that bitch)
Just bought a Cadillac (Throw Throw some D's on that bitch)

[Jim Jones:]]
Shout out to Rich Boy
We all wanna be rich boy
Alabama bricks boy
Try and get the big toys
2-12 motorin'
Tell Harry (Throw some D's on that bitch)
Now I'm getting fly, Couple G's on the fit
I'm at the juvenile, Throw some frees ???
I gotta chest cold and I might sneeze on a ???
We at the strip club, we throw some g's on that bitch
Cause we BALLIN'
We all Outkast, high cars we copy cash
Chop shop add the stash, Cop cars we kiss their ass
The carwash, my whips glowin'
No tis we fish bowlin ???
No top the pits blowin
(Throw some D's on that bitch)
We go hard, zone forward, d-1 squad
We don't need to boss, closest lawyer baby
Just to keep in charge
We got a fedest cop with speeding cars ???
Charge it to my Visa card, they never thought that we'd get large

[Murphy Lee:]
Yo lunatic sittin fast, St. Louis on the Nav
'69 Whiplash, I just got my Cutty back
Throw some d's on that, boy I just got my Cutty back
Throw some d's on that, boy I just got my Cutty back
How could I slip, how could I fall
Yo baby mama got my poster high up on her wall
And that aint all, she did give me her draws
I'm Murphy Lee please tell your sexy little sister (I'll call)
Last time she ask me for some money I was (Hesitant and all)
But now I'm rich and she can get it
See these D's match my fitted, My paint is Banana Splitted
Inside is totally ign't, Outside is totally kiddin'
To be pacific it's totally wicked, how them dirty boys get it
Dap you Rick Regal ??? (and nit it)
My Montecarlo ('s terrific)
That El Dorado (got switches)
Shamicka an' them (I aint hit it)
That 20 mill (I just spent it)
That house on the hill (I live it man)
And that diamond head bone
You know them ??? hit it
Walk up in the strip club
Looking for a big bug
Shawtie wanna get ???
Throw about ten wha?
Throw some one's on it mo'
I bought about ten wha?


[Rick Ross:]
Ay, its Rick Ross baby girl I'm a balla
I drop it here then I go ahead to park my Impala
I threw them D's on that 'Lac and now it's taller
They see them wheels on my Bentley so the holla
Wassup, just get these dollas
I got the fat Manillac???
I took it to the paint shop and got the fat man black???
My hoes is checkin ??? got my adidas on???
??? If you aint gunna give me none
So uff you haters, ill see you later
My Cipricator???, in my Escalator
Momma told me put them D's on son you've got it wrong
So I took them 20s off and put them monster wheels on


[The Game:]
All Red Chevrolet, 26s ridin' high
Use the hazard doors, in Compton we call them suicides
Suede roof, leather seats, wood grain steering wheel
Candy Apple hard top, Bling over on the grill
California license plate, riding through the ATL
Keep my ties bold, I never leave a paper trail
No Imma keep it clean, ball when I hit the scene
Elbow out the window, show 'em how a gangsta lean
Put Cali on the map, West side on my back
Hometown on my face, 45's on my lap
20 in my air low, hundred on my neck piece
Just Bought a Bentley and Imma
(Throw Some D's on that bitch)
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