Girls Sounds & Colours Testo

Testo Girls Sounds & Colours

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Girls, sounds and colors [repeat]
All this groovy love that they gave to me,
I'm thriving off the love that they gave to me
And all these groovy pills
That all these girls are taken
They thrivin' of those pills that they've taken

Hi love, I'm almost there
I'm better off dead, you can leave me there,
Die for love, die for love
Even if they say that they gon' take you down,
You know they have no way of taking you down


[Kid Cudi:]
Hay, bad with the good, I'm zooted stuck for good,
So how should it feel to zone in control when you go so smooth
Hopefully? it's exactly where I move to,
To where my minds tell me to
No matter who claim I'm a fool,
Beyond bein' cool,
I'm gonna be an interpiece when I smoke a piece to forget about me payin'? on my knees?,
I'm zoinin', I am gone an, my demeanor is slumped and I talk like a slug, slow motion,
Feel me baby even if lately
I been flippin' over other ****,
[?] lately, I've been on some other **** thinking maybe whether you be on some [?] other tip,
Trust me, tired feelin' like a custy,
I'm a make the whole world love me.


Hi love, I'm your drug
I'm your drug, acid drops to your love
You lost your mind?
I lost mine too
I left mine in the nineties how bout you?
Everything you do, everywhere you go
Got to do with limos.
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