Song For The Lovers Testo

Testo Song For The Lovers

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Song For The Lovers (Album:"Alone With Everybody") I spend the night Yeah looking for my insides in a hotel room Waiting for you Were gonna make it tonight Yeah something in the air tells me the time is right so we better get on Chorus Dj,play a song for the Lovers tonight Please, play a song for the lovers tonight Don't wanna wait Lord ive been waiting all my life but Im too late again I know but I was scared Cant you see Im moving like a train into some foreign land I aint Got a ticket for this ride but I will Oh, play a song for the Lovers tonight Dj, play a song for the Lovers tonight Dj, play a song for the Lovers tonight Please play a song for the Lovers tonight Cant stop looking back no no One more for the lovers O brother wont you lend a hand Im alone in a room And Im waiting for love I dont know when this dreams gonna stop But im telling you friend I dont want to get up x2

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