Always On Your Mind Testo

Testo Always On Your Mind

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Moments broken by the fall
Still leave a shadow on the wall
Daggers lying in the dust
Bleeding out the both of us
The roses have gone away
The blue skies are yesterday
The flood comes and as you cry
It echoes a lullaby

Close the book and cut the line
Tear up the pages of the secrets
That you're trying to leave behind
Burn down my memory but still you'll find I'm
Always on your mind

When the ghosts have come and gone
Cauterize and carry on
Redemption hangin on a breeze
Lies you desperate to believe
The sweetness you can't reclaim
Has been left out in the rain
Now your constant company
Is a space where I used to be


The roses have gone away
The blue skies are yesterday

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