Lonely Heart Testo

Testo Lonely Heart

Heartbeat pounding so hard it keeps
Me wide awake at night
I wait alone in the dark for you to make the moment right

If I could only show you all that might be lost
Then you would never wonder what the secret was
And this is what i'd
Tell you
The lonely heart you see tonight

Will not give up without a fight
And I'm never gonna let
It fade away
Oh, you can look in my eyes and see
That you're the only one
I would break down and cry if you became the lonely one

I'd rather play the
Fool and try and hold a star
Than never know if you were going to break my heart
And I can see it shining


No matter what I say to make you
It's all up to you to
Take the future in your hands
So please don't keep me

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