Love Unemotional Testo

Testo Love Unemotional

Victim of temptation
Can't make it go away
You see it and you want it baby
Never hear a word I say
You know I don't want nothing I don't deserve
Oh, no I won't take less than I know I'm worth

All this talking makes me feel like a monkey in a cage
Ain't no point in trying to change a man of my age

[Chorus 1:]
Love unemotional, purely physical
What I'm staying for's a mystery to me
Love unemotional, the heart's invisible
Love unemotional is what you want from me

People say I'm crazy
Wonder why I play your game
Sure beats feeling lonely, baby
But the story ends the same
I want to feel like I'm living in a fairy tale
Don't want to be just another broken heart for sale

Do I have to hit my knees and beg for something more
Maybe this is not the love I've waited for

[Chorus 2:]
Love unemotional, simply physical
What I'm staying for is a mystery to me
Love unemotional, the girl's insatiable
Love unemotional is what you want from me

You feel no shame in being so unkind
All touch and zero feeling
I don't see a way of changing your mind

Girl this kind of life is bound to leave you all alone
The light inside your heart is on, but no one's home

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]
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