Nothing To Hide Testo

Testo Nothing To Hide

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
There in my darkest hour,
Somehow you knew what I felt
And just in the nick of time you
Saved me from myself
Didn't know I could cut through my defenses
And see through the mask
I figured you must want something from me,
But you never asked
I just had to call and you were always there
I think you must have been the answer
To my prayer

With you I've got nothing to hide
My heart is starting to pound
Now the walls are tumbling down

I wish I could find the words that
Linger just out of reach
I see myself in your eyes and
Lose my power of speech
I am someone now that I don't recognize
It took someone like you to shatter my disguise

Now I've got nothing to hide
My heart's remembering to pound
I can feel the walls coming down
I've got nothing to hide
All that I needed was you around
Now the walls are tumbling down

Head in the sky, feeling just like
Some kind of lovesick child
I finally pulled through and I owe it to you,
Don't want to keep it inside

I am someone now that I don't recognize
Oh, I'm healing, I'm believing,
You made me realize
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