Auldie Riggs Testo

Testo Auldie Riggs

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My name is Auldie Riggs
And I am a seaman, second rate
I'll tell you quite a tale
If you've got the price of a drink there, mate
Do you recognize my face?
The picture ran for a week or more
When I left her lifeless body on the floor

I am a drunken sot
They threw me off a dozen crews
My brain's begun to rot
I'm so beholden to the booze
And I broke that Liza's neck
I squeezed her till she breathed no more
And I left her lifeless body on the floor

And I don't feel no sympathy
And your disgust to me's the highest praise
She had it coming don't you know
'Cos I got wise to all her little ways

Whores and bitches, all are Riggs'es slaves

There's many I've dispatched
Now tell me was it 8 or 9?
I throttled 'em, I stabbed 'em
Dissolved 'em in a vat of lime
I used to know the names
But Liza was the last, the whore,
And I left her lifeless body on the floor

You won't get no remorse from me
I'm happy as a kitten with the cream
I did her and the others too
I dare to do what some men only dream

How I love to hear that piercing scream

That Mary was a tramp
She used to give the boys a wink
I took some souvenirs
Before I drowned her in the sink
I kept her cheating heart
And her pretty eyes, which I did adore
And left her lifeless body on the floor

I left her lifeless body
Her dirty cheating body
I left her lifeless body on the floor
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