Bad Again Testo

Testo Bad Again

I thought you liked me so I got bolder
You seemed to like the little things I told you
Then you turned round, I got the old cold shoulder
Babe, you didn't give me no warning
I thought you cared from the way you kissed
Must be a signal that I missed
When did reality start to twist
Babe, you didn't give me no warning

I'm Bad Again, Bad Again
Must have done something but I don't know when
Bad Again, Bad Again
Maybe you'll love me in the morning

The candles are lit and it's time to dine
A little soft music, a little French wine
You talk about your mother, dear, all the time
And I can't stop myself yawning

Put a TV in the doghouse and my favourite chair
Spend so much of my time in there
I'm guilty of some dark deed somewhere
Babe, you didn't give me no warning
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