Calvary Cross Testo

Testo Calvary Cross

F Am G F Am G F Am I was under the Calvary Cross G F Am The pale-face lady she said to me G F Am I've watched you with my one green eye. G F Am And I'll hurt you 'till you need me. G F Am You scuff your heels and you spit on your shoes. G F Am You do nothing with reason G F Am One day you catch a train G F Am Never leaves the station. CHORUS C Everything you do F (8th fret) Everything you do C G You do for me Now you can make believe on your tin whistle You can be my broom boy Scrub me 'till I shine in the dark I'll be your light 'till doomsday Black cat cross your path. Why don't you follow My claw's in you and my light's in you This is your first day of sorrow CHORUS

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