Haul Me Up Testo

Testo Haul Me Up

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Haul Me Up, help me I'm drowning
Haul Me Up, to where I can breathe
Haul Me Up, where the air is sweeter
Stretch out a hand, a hand brother please

O I'm Walking in a sea of molasses
Every step I take it sucks me down
The more I fight, the more it grips me
If I sink much further, I'm looking to drown

Haul Me Up I'm lost in confusion
Haul Me Up, I'm up to my knees
Haul Me Up, I'm stuck in the quicksand
Stretch out a hand, a hand brother please

Here comes Jezebel, sweet as the morning
Holds out a cup and I'm tempted to drink
Six thousand voices ringing in the rafters
How can I dream when I can't even think

Haul Me Up, the banshees are wailing
Haul Me Up, the sirens are singing
Haul Me Up, the furies are screaming
I'm kicking so hard but I'm still falling

I'm fighting but O, the disease has got me
But what is this sickness that has no name?
Who are these friends that kill me with kindness
I don't know the rules but I'm trapped in the game
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