Hokey Pokey (2004) Testo

Testo Hokey Pokey (2004)

(Richard Thompson) Little boy running and the little girl too Got the money tucked up in their hands Over the wall and down into the street Give your money to the hollering man Everybody runs for Hokey Pokey Hear the ringing on the ice cream bell He's got the stuff that'll cool you right down It's the best that they ever did sell Maestro he says to Sweet Little Angel Don't you sing to the boys in blue Or you won't need no more Hokey Pokey By the time we're through with you Down in the prison number 999 Wishing he was home on the range He's still fretting for what he's not getting And love behind bars is strange Fellas in the alley all walk that walk It's a style that really pays Cos there's some poor Joe out there doesn't know The door can swing both ways Dead to the world? Says Frankie to Annie Girl you haven't moved an inch all night But she wriggled her hips when he kissed her on the lips Hokey Pokey made her fell all right Lick it on the bottom, lick it on the top Suck it just hard enough Open up wide when it drips down the side You want to catch all that good stuff

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