If (Stomp) Testo

Testo If (Stomp)

If I were rich enough,
To make you need me as much as I need you
If I could pitch enough
You'd realize what a little country bread can do

Well, if my ma
Had come that far
And if my pa
Was an old great big wig around our money town

If I were rich enough
To give you anything within the manner that you'd been accustomed to
If I could stitch enough
I'd save you nine and throw in a daisy, too

Well, if I knew
That you'd give me good times, too
And if I knew
Every loved one that I loved loved me, too

If I were rich enough
To make you need me, too

If I were rich enough
To see you pretty, looking like a scene I dreamed
If you were bitch enough
You'd leave me here, a king without a queen

Well, if you do
If you leave your little boy blue
If you do
I'll shut you out, you'll shout and you'll know it, too

If I were rich enough
To have a pair of pants, a hat, and boot for every single day I wake
And if I acted rough
You'd want me more than just for wanting's sake

Hm, that ain't so
I'll always be this way
Feelings grow
To the time when the sun shines, then we'll know

If I were rich enough
To make you need me, too
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