Loch Lomond Testo

Testo Loch Lomond

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
As I went oot a walkin, one fine summers day, I met wee Sammy McAuley,
He says to me,I,ll buy ye a hauf, o the bonnie, bonnie nips o whisky.


Oh ye tak a big dram and Ill tak a wee dram, but I ll get blootered afore ye,
for me and my body, we dinnae agree,wi the bonnie, bonnie nips o whisky.

Oh he bought the first drink, an I bought the next yin, and then the whiskys were sinking,
an when I couldnae stand, he geid a helping hand, intae me he poured the bonnie nips o whisky.

Then Sammy he lay doon, whaur I was lyin doon, an the ceilin was fairly spinnin,
an the barmaids were fair, they helped us happy pair, by pouring intae us some mair whisky.

Before the night was done, oor money was all gone, and oor vital signs, they were fading,
there was nothing they could do, to resurrect us
two, so they gied us another nip o whisky.

So were deid and gone, but the drinking still went on, so oor wings were taken fae us,
for tae be an angel in the sky, ye cannae drink and fly, so heres tae the bonnie nips o whisky
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