Roll Over Vaughan Williams Testo

Testo Roll Over Vaughan Williams

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Gentle ladies, gentleman
Waiting 'till the dance begins
Carefully we come to speak
A word for all to hear
If you listen, if you should
We won't be misunderstood
But don't expect the words to ring
Too sweetly on the ear

Live in fear, live in fear
Live in fear

In the gutter, in the street
Off his head or off his feet
Listen to the scratchy voices
Eating at your nerves
Pencils ready, paper dry
Shoot the girls and make 'em cry
Run for cover, things are bad
But now they're getting worse

Live in fear, live in fear
Live in fear, live in fear

Is it painful, is it right?
Does it keep you warm at night?
Fool your friends and fool yourself
The choice is crystal clear
If you break it on your knee
Better men might disagree
Do you laugh or do you stick
Your finger in your ear?

Live in fear, live in fear
Live in fear, live in fear
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