Stuck On The Treadmill Testo

Testo Stuck On The Treadmill

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
The money goes out, the bills come in
Round and round we go again
I come close but I never win
Stuck On The Treadmill

Another day of punching steel
Till my arm's too numb to feel
Like a hamster on a wheel
Stuck On The Treadmill

Wish I knew a better way
To keep myself alive
Shaking sheets of metal
Every day from 9 to 5
Others may be living
But me, I just survive

Machine's screaming in my ear
Wasn't I just standing here?
Went to sleep, grabbed a beer
Stuck On The Treadmill

Me and the robot working away
He looks at me, as if to say
"I'll be doing your job some day"
Stuck On The Treadmill


Jobs are going by the score
They're laying off a hundred more
20 years and they show you the door
Stuck On The Treadmill

Strike's coming, trouble's brewing
Whole town going to rack and ruin
Next year, what'll I be doing?
Stuck On The Treadmill
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