Train Don't Leave Testo

Testo Train Don't Leave

She's sitting on the train, the train's gonna to leave
Bags in her hand, tears on her sleeve
Banging on the window with all of my might
But she won't look to the left or the right
We had a fight and it wasn't pretty
Now she's leaving, ain't it a pity
Going to wait tables, down in the city
Hold that red light one more minute
6:18's got my baby in it
Train don't leave, heart don't break
Train don't leave, heart don't break

Mister guard, get out of that van
Wave that flag, I'm a lonely man
Mister driver, hand off the throttle
Or I'll shoot my luck, lose my bottle
One more minute, I can talk her right 'round
Get her size sixes back on the ground
Train whistle is a lonely sound
I didn't mean the things I told you
Empty arms waiting to hold you
Train don't leave, heart don't break
Train don't leave, heart don't break

She's getting off the train, she'd mad and sore
She pokes at my nose with the old southpaw
Swings and misses, turns right 'round
I catch her in time and we fall to the ground
She's got tears but she's laughing as well
We kiss like fools, you never can tell
How a little minute can cast its spell
We never want to see this station again
It's a sad old place for lonely men
Train, train, get down the track
Hell, you can leave and never come back
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