Watch Me Go Testo

Testo Watch Me Go

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
One day the monkey jumps aboard, one day the black dog gets you
One Day the demons write your name in blood upon a ledger
But see the sun is shining as I step down on the pike
So pretty in my uniform of anti-look-alike
And goodbye halls of academe, I never could respect you
And loved ones, I'll say fare you well, I surely will neglect you.

Watch Me Go
Into the wide blue yonder
Watch Me Go
Like a human cannonball
Watch Me Go
With a mighty peal of thunder
And I'll keep shouting till they lay me low

If it wasn't for Dalwhinnie and all his reckless crew
I never would have learned to shake my fist and hullabaloo
If it wasn't for the company I'd be talking to myself
Inside a padded 8 by 12, all on the National Health
And friends and kind relations, I'll be writing very soon
The next time that you see me I'll be halfway to the moon

Thank you dear Professor, for refocusing our eyes
And thank you Captain Sensible, so eloquent and wise
And Fotherington-Thomas, now you're singing with the choir
But you gave us beef when we had none, of wood and string and wire
And for those who choose the twisty road, prefer it to the straight
Let joy beat out old misery, as love will conquer hate
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