Woman Or A Man? Testo

Testo Woman Or A Man?

I stepped on the dance floor feeling very cool
I thought I saw an angel sitting on a stool
I just couldn't tell, you'll think I'm a fool
If she was a woman or a man

She was the kind of woman that a man could crave
From her high-heeled shoes to her permanent wave
Except maybe she was needing a shave
Was she a woman or a man?

O I asked her to dance and I took her by the hand
She held me so tight, it was hard for me to stand
Built like a lumberjack, I couldn't understand
If she was a woman or a man

Well, I walked her home, it was quarter past four
My heart was thumping as we ducked in the door
And then when she kissed me I thought I was sure
If she was a woman or a man

Well, she stole my wallet and she knocked me off my feet
She tied on her roller skates and made her retreat
All I found was a blond wig a-lying in the street
Was she a woman or a man?

Well, I don't care if she seemed unkind
She stole my heart and she robbed me blind
I love her so much that I still wouldn't mind
If she was a woman or a man
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